°   We could have been like “normal” people and simply shopped for a house. A few months later we would have been moving into our “normal” house. And we would have never been happy.

Our journey with Dave Robb began with a visit to 100 Dexter, a home Dave had designed for our realtor, Dee Chirafisi. After spending just a few minutes in this house, our perspective on how a house should look and feel was forever altered. We looked at over 50 houses and couldn’t find one we liked. We blame Dee and Dave.

Months later, we were fortunate enough to buy a small lot in the Hilltop neighborhood with the plan of building something new. We knew absolutely nothing about architecture or construction, but had been clipping photos we liked from Dwell, Metropolis, Metropolitan Home and dozens of architecture books. Two advertising professionals with a folder of clippings – every architect’s worst nightmare!

Fortunately for us, Dave was fearless. He agreed to work with us, and patiently listened to our hopes and dreams for our new home and our growing family. We wanted a contemporary home, not too big, high-end modern finishes, clean lines, below grade garage, lots of windows, bedrooms on the top floor, great spaces for entertaining, radiant heat, concrete floors, kid-friendly, a home office, a basement that didn’t feel like a basement, an open kitchen and living area, dining room, guest room, outdoor entertaining spaces etc., And, one more thing, we had a modest budget.

Dave is either an exceptional listener or a mind reader. He came back with a design concept incorporating all of our requests (and then some), and did it with the contemporary aesthetic and unique architectural style we had been dreaming about. This was the house we had been looking for in Denver and couldn’t find anywhere.

Since it took us a few months to learn how to read the architecture plans just to understand how our stairs worked, we knew we needed help during the construction phase of the project. Dave’s vision, obsessive attention to detail, and relentless drive to make everything perfect (along with old-world craftsmanship of our exceptional General Contractor, Geels Construction), brought the plans to life and made this house something truly special.

It’s a little strange to finally live in the house we’ve been talking about for over two years. And it is everything we had hoped for. The house is exceptionally comfortable. We appreciate the natural light, the flow of the spaces, and the clean lines. And our three year old loves it too.

Every day, people slow down in their cars and look at our house. We hope they like it. And even if it’s not their style, now they know what our style looks like, exactly.     

Matt Neren, Denver, Colorado


°   My husband and I had the pleasure to work with Dave Robb on an award winning residential renovation of a property at 100 Dexter Street. Dave’s incredible design skills, attention to detail, and ability to think outside the box created a finished project that was beyond our expectations.

Dave was extremely committed to this project and to his vision. He was also very able to listen and collaborate with us and to incorporate our ideas and our vision.  He did this very carefully so as not to compromise the integrity of, and success of the project.

We would hire him again in a heartbeat and would trust him with any design/architecture needs we have!     

Dee Chirafisi, Denver, Colorado


°   My husband was concerned that working with an out of town architect would be difficult if not impossible. As it turned out, we both realized that had we hired a local architect we never would have had the personalized "unencumbered" long expanses of time with him or her as we had with Dave. He lived, breathed, ate and worked exclusively on the design of our project during our visits.

 The end result is a fabulous home that meets all of our needs and desires and is a tremendous asset to the City of Baton Rouge! We couldn't be happier with our choice of Dave as our architect!

 I loved the models Dave built for us and felt that they were such an incredible asset to our understanding the design of the house and how the windows were situated, etc. I think in a complex design, it would be difficult for the "average Joe" to understand this house without one!

 We love our house sooooo much that I could never say enough glowing stuff about it and Dave's incredible talent. Initially, the whole process was so scary because I have lots of control issues, as does Warren (!?!?) but we were able to put all of our trust into Dave’s hands! 

Becky Gottsegen, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


°   Dave is truly unique in design and vision.  He has the ability to adapt to the given project and express the needs and desires of the client while always focusing on the details that are so often overlooked, but in the end are the difference between a nice design and, in our case, having a house that far surpassed our expectation.  

Having the personal aspects of a small firm was important to us, we felt more involved in the design process.  

 Dave always kept a close eye on our selections of finishes and help up choose items that worked with the overall design. 

Scott Ray, Denver, Colorado


°   David Robb is an exceptional architect! …neighbors and visitors go out of their way to tell us how much they admire our home and how much it has added to our the neighborhood. Several people have said it was a factor in their decision to buy in the neighborhood. 

Bob Battalio, Pacifica, California


°   Dave gives a furniture-maker's attention to design detailing down to the last door knob. We had the good fortune to live in an award-winning architectural space designed by Dave, and credit his attention to detail for that. 

Carlie Barnhart, Elizabeth, Colorado


°   We had a small but complicated challenge for Dave to make an addition to our craftsman style bungalow home.  We wanted a dwelling that matched the existing design but would also be modern in energy savings, lifestyle, comfort, and accommodation for family gatherings and grand children. Through Dave’s clear thinking, direction and design acumen we ended up with a fabulous addition to our wonderful old house that incorporates wonderful details and clever natural lighting and artificial lighting solution that work wonderfully day or night, winter or summer.

 Finding a builder who could build with craftsmanship and flexibility was a key element to the success of the project.  With Dave Robb’s guidance and experience we got an excellent builder. The job was completed well within our budget limits and was a tremendous value-added addition to our property. 

Joe & Anna Marie Robb, Boulder, Colorado