Robb Studio is an architectural design practice established in 1998. Dave began his architecture and furniture design career in San Francisco in the late 1980's. His projects encompass theater design, boutique retail, restaurant, office and hotel design, loft and single family custom residential design. Project locations include Hong Kong, New York, California, Colorado and Louisiana. Robb Studio's architectural design solutions are distilled from a background rooted in modernism and thus design solutions tend to emanate from context, climate and client needs rather than pre-conceptions of form. Dave's background in functional art moves readily to a high level of detail in his architecture, as seen in the AIA award winning projects 100 Dexter, the Barnhart Loft and the Arnold Loft. This kind of design sensitivity carries through on all levels of Robb Studio's designs, where function leads to inventive form. 


 Registered Architect, AIA

 State of California 1991

 State of Colorado 1994


1982 B.S. Industrial Construction Management

1987 Master of Architecture,

The University of Texas Austin,

Summa Cum Laude

AIA scholastic Gold Medal 1987


1985-1987 G.T.A.

 The University of Texas,

 Austin School of Architecture